Cleveland GiveCamp 2014 Closing Ceremonies

When Great Lakes Geek, Dan Hanson, isn’t shooting still photographs, he’s shooting video. Dan hadn’t planned to shoot the closing ceremonies. He writes, “I did not plan on filming the closing ceremony synopses so did not set up a tripod or even get a close enough seat. So the videos are shaky and blocked by […]

Cleveland GiveCamp Rocks it Again

COSE (Council of Small Enterprise) has supported Cleveland GiveCamp for several years. COSE writer Brad Nellis recently interviewed members of the Cleveland GiveCamp team to write about this years GiveCamp in the NEOSA blog. Read his full article, Cleveland GiveCamp Rocks it Again, to learn more. .

Cleveland GiveCamp People

When Great Lakes Geek, Dan Hanson, wasn’t working on his project for Computers Assisting People (CAP), he explored GiveCamp to meet and photograph the other teams. View his photos online on his Cleveland GiveCamp People Page. Dan Hanson with social media volunteer, Susie Sharp. .

Trails, Tracks and Timely Facts from Canalway Partners

Ken Schneider, Project Manager at Canalway Partners, wrote about his experience working on their new website in the latest edition of the Canalway Partners newsletter. Read Trails, Tracks and Timely Facts to hear about his experience and to learn more about the Canalway. New Canalway Partners Website Canalway Partners Team Backrow left to right: David […]

People assisting Computers Assisting People

Great Lakes Geek, Dan Hanson, has long been an advocate of Cleveland GiveCamp. This year he participated as a representative for Computers Assisting People (CAP), an organization that takes in donated computers and peripherals then refurbishes them before loading legal software and donating them to non-profits in the Cleveland area. Dan blogged about the site […]

Cleveland GiveCamp 2013: Doing Great Things in the CLE

Brad Nellis interviewed the GiveCamp team about Cleveland GiveCamp 2013 for his post, Cleveland GiveCamp 2013: Doing Great Things in the CLE, featured in the NEOSA Blog. The post offers a nice overview of the number and types of projects completed in 2013..

Cleveland Give Camp project

Web designer, Jan Milosh, wrote about her experience volunteering on the Guardians Advocating Child Safety and Protection (GASP) website during GiveCamp 2013. Learn how she and her colleagues applied their experience to the site development process in her post, Cleveland Give Camp project. .

Stuart Smith’s recap of Cleveland GiveCamp 2013

Volunteer and steering committee member, Stuart Smith, has been participating in Cleveland GiveCamp for 4 years. In his post, Coding For Cleveland Charities: GiveCamp 2013, Stuart provides a detailed review of the weekend, including links to various resources and related blog posts. Kevin and Stuart Smith at Cleveland GiveCamp 2013. .

Toby Mackenzie blogs about his 3rd year at GiveCamp

Third year volunteer, Toby Mackenzie, worked on redesigning the Bike Cleveland site with new features, such as a discussion forum, and had time to spare to work on a Web application for Cuyahoga Valley National Park Environmental Education Center. Read about his experience in his post, GiveCamp 2013..

Etsuko Dunham shares her thoughts in Japanese

Volunteer Etsuko Dunham is a WordPress developer who blogs in Japanese. You can read her post, GiveCamp 2013に参加して来たよ on her blog. Etsuko tells us she plans to update her English blog as well, but in the meantime you can get the gist of her post by using Google Translate. .