David Mead blogs about his team’s work for Long Term Care Ombudsman

In his post, Cleveland Give Camp 2012, volunteer David Mead blogs about how his team updated the Long Term Care Ombudsman website. .

Coding Geekette shares Adventures at Cleveland GiveCamp 2012

Coding Geekette, also known as Sarah Dutkiewicz, wrote about her 3rd year volunteering at Cleveland GiveCamp in her post, Adventures at Cleveland GiveCamp 2012. Sarah served as the project manager for the New Avenues to Independence/Buckeye Industries team..

Video Tour of GiveCamp 2012

Cleveland Give Camp’s video for 2012. Thanks again to all of our sponsors and volunteers! Music Opener, Fort Minor – Remember the Name Walkthrough, Skillet – One Day too Late Video assembled by Kevin Dutkiewicz, photos by Kevin Dutkiewicz and Al Bell. .

Elaine Stephenson and The Galvin Education & Resource Center for Families

Volunteer Elaine Stephenson worked on The Galvin Education & Resource Center for Families website project for which she focused primarily on brand identity. Read her post, Cleveland GiveCamp 2012 to see samples of the color palette and logos she developed as well as before and after shots of the site. .

GiveCamp: The Most Fulfilling Weekend

Volunteer, Mike Kusold, worked on the Galvin Therapy Center site at this year’s GiveCamp. Read about his experience in his post, GiveCamp: The Most Fulfilling Weekend. .

Toby Mackenzie works on Cleveland Carousel

Volunteer Toby Mackenzie took the GiveCamp name seriously this year, setting up a tent and camping overnight. During the day he worked on the Cleveland Carousel project. Learn more on his post, Givecamp 2011. .

Experience GiveCamp 2011 via Video

A video short of walking through Cleveland GiveCamp 2011. Shot with Kevin Dutkiewicz’s Nikon D5000 in one take and processed with Microsoft Live Movie Maker. Music is Yakkity Sax. .

Chris Sanyk volunteers for Adaptive Sports Programming of Ohio

Read about Chris Sanyk’s first year as a GiveCamp volunteer in the post, Cleveland GiveCamp 2011..

Sadukie’s Tales in 3 parts

Volunteer Sarah Dutkiewicz (Sadukie) was a project manager for 2 projects at this year’s GiveCamp. You can learn more about her experience, leading up to and during GiveCamp via the following 3 posts. Cleveland GiveCamp 2011 – Sadukie’s Tales, Part 1 Cleveland GiveCamp 2011 – Sadukie’s Tales, Part 2 – Meet Sadukie, the Project Manager […]

Cleveland GiveCamp: Report from the Trenches

When volunteer, Todd Ropog, arrived at GiveCamp he discovered he was assigned to two teams. In the long-run he focused first on one project then was able to assist several other teams as they wound up their sites. Read Cleveland GiveCamp: Report from the Trenches to learn more. .