Logo Usage Guidelines

Cleveland GiveCamp invites the media, bloggers, our sponsors, our nonprofit partners,  and other entities to use our logo as needed to promote our work in assisting Cleveland area nonprofits. Our Cleveland GiveCamp logo represents our mission of pairing creative and technology talent with nonprofits in need. Therefore we ask that you follow these logo usage guidelines:

Download logo.zip which includes large and small .jpg’s and .eps versions of the logo.

You may use the Cleveland GiveCamp logo in the following manner:

  1. Within online articles/blogs where the logo is used, please include a link to the Cleveland GiveCamp website. In print publications, please include: ClevelandGivecamp.org
  2. Do not use the Cleveland GiveCamp logo within other organizations’ logos.
  3. Only our nonprofit partners and current Cleveland GiveCamp sponsors can use the Cleveland GiveCamp logo in a way that suggests affiliation with Cleveland GiveCamp. The affiliation should be in relation to our providing of tech support for northeast Ohio nonprofits, and not for endorsement of products or services rendered by sponsors or partner nonprofits.
  4. The Cleveland GiveCamp logo cannot be used on websites or printed materials that disparage Cleveland GiveCamp or its sponsors, nonprofits partners, volunteers, or supporters. 
  5. The Cleveland GiveCamp logo can not be altered in any way.
  6. If contacted by a Cleveland GiveCamp steering committee member to remove the Cleveland GiveCamp from online or print publication, the removal must happen immediately

For your convenience, we have created zip files of our logos which include large and small .jpg’s and .eps versions of the logo.

If you need additional assistance, please email us at: info@clevelandgivecamp.org