Volunteer Resources

Please browse through the resources to find help and ideas for your projcts. Each resource is categorized under multiple taxonomies to make them more browsable, but you may also search. We'll be adding resources throughout the weekend, as we discover new needs.

Best Practices

We recommend you include these in your projects whenever they are applicable.

Content Management Systems

If you are building a Web site you are probably using one of the more popular open-source Content Management Systems. You'll find resources that apply to your CMS here.


Some resources refer to specific langauages such as HTML or PHP. If a resource is language specific it will be tagged with that language.

Reference Type

Reference Type is the taxonomy we are using to differentiate between different types of resources, such as code samples versus documentation.


If a resource pertains to a particular subject we'll also assign it to a topic.

Types of Projects

Most of you are buiding sites, but some may be developing apps or databases. We've assigned each resource to it's primary project type.