GiveCamp Weekend July 21-23, 2017

Cleveland GiveCamp Online Application

Online application Open April 1 – May 15, 2017

How do I apply for Cleveland GiveCamp?

Our online application to submit your organization as a candidate for participation in Cleveland GiveCamp 2017 is now open through May 15, 2017. Notification of selection will be communicated mid-June.

Please gather the following information as you prepare to apply for GiveCamp. You will need to submit all the required documentation at once as our application does not have the capability to save your progress. 

Organization information

  • Organization name and address
  • Organization Website
  • Organization history and background
  • Tax ID Number as a 501(c)3 nonprofit
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Mobile Phone

Project information

  • How did you hear about Cleveland GiveCamp?
  • Project Description (work requested) (i.e. Is it a website, database application, mobile site/mobile app, something else?)
  • Project Stakeholders
  • Project Goals
  • Look (i.e. if it is website, what do you want it to look like – modern, traditional, etc.)
  • Specifications
  • Web Plugins – (Is there specific software or apps that must be integrated into the project? Online giving, membership module, etc.)
  • Examples of websites you like
  • Examples of websites you don’t like.
  • Comments on Existing Technologies
  • Comments on Skill of Support Staff

Keep in mind it is instrumental that your organization has someone with decision-making authority available during the entire GiveCamp weekend.

We plan to select around 15 to 20 nonprofits to serve this year. This number varies based upon the number of technical volunteers who have committed to help at the event and the scope of the projects. Our ultimate goal is to complete all projects in a weekend.

When selecting our nonprofit partners, we evaluate the projects based on certain criteria:

  • Can we complete the project over the course of the weekend?
  • Will the project greatly enhance the mission of the nonprofit?
  • Will the nonprofit NOT be able to do this project without our help? Meaning, do they have the financial resources to do it on their own? We want to make sure we help those who need it most.

My charity got selected. What now?

Congratulations! We fondly look forward to working with your organization. Here are a few things to think about that might be helpful when planning your project.

  • The main emphasis on projects is technology.
  • For organizations needing written content, we suggest they have a majority of it ready and planned before coming to GiveCamp. We do have copy writers available to help, but we suggest utilizing these volunteers to tighten up copy or fill in the gaps.
  • For organizations needing graphic design… GiveCamp volunteers are focused on the technology aspects of your project. We do have graphic designers assigned to teams creating websites, but their role is to infuse your brand into the site. They will not be able to create a branding campaign or logo for your organization. Those items must be developed ahead of time.
  • We suggest you take time to plan your project ahead of time. If you want a website, look at other sites and plan a site “map.” This document will make it easier for our volunteers to set up your site. If you are planning an app or database, think about those who will use them, the fields or sections you want to include, and plan accordingly.

My charity did not get selected. What now?

More than 75 nonprofits apply each year for assistance and unfortunately we cannot accept every project. If you have applied and were not accepted, we encourage you to consider applying again the next year. There are also other GiveCamp events planned throughout the region that may be able to help your organization.