The dates for Cleveland GiveCamp Weekend 2021 are September 10 – 12, 2021 (the second weekend in September).

This, our eleventh year, will be a virtual event.

Our volunteers are at the heart of Cleveland GiveCamp’s success. Without their tireless energy and dedication, we could never pull the weekend off.

Important: Some categories of Cleveland GiveCamp tickets have “sold out” in the past, so if you plan on attending, please sign up early!

We accept applications for the following roles:


Technical volunteers have backgrounds in software development and related technical areas. Common skill sets include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, iOS/mobile, and database administration.

Project Management

Project managers ensure that the projects stay on task and meet their objectives in a very short window of time. This role is critical to the success of the project.

Typical project management tasks include identifying project scope, setting expectations with the non-profit representative, time management, guiding team members’ work, and representing the team with the organizers.

Unlike other roles, Project Managers get their assignments in advance of the event and must be available to meet with the non-profit representatives and begin planning the project two to four weeks before the event takes place.


Copywriters write and edit content for non-profit websites and provide guidance on topics such as content strategy and tone.


Design volunteers have backgrounds in areas such as UX, UI, and graphic arts. Common activities performed by these volunteers include heuristic design evaluations, page layout, information architecture, fine-tuning of styles, and creation and editing of graphics and photos.


Sometimes called “runners”, these volunteers help with non-technical and behind-the-scenes tasks like clearing and placing food, and running errands.