Event Info

Event Information

The weekend will be fun, but busy. Here are some answers to common questions.


This, our 13th year, will be an in-person event at Hyland. Details will be emailed to volunteers who sign up on Eventbrite — please sign up now.

What to Expect

You will work with other tech experts and non-profit representatives to complete your assigned project. You will be assigned a team based on the needs of the project and your experience and skills. Plan to be moved from team to team as needs arise and shift. A weekend is a short amount of time to complete a tech project, so flexibility is key. On Sunday afternoon each team presents and hands-off their project at the closing ceremony.

It’s important to remember that, while we will have a good time, we’re ultimately there to do good work for the charities.


Cleveland GiveCamp uses Slack to communicate between teams and across disciplines during the event. We automatically add volunteers to the account each year prior to the event.

Be sure to check out the specialized Cleveland GiveCamp Slack channels #design, #wordpress, and #project-pm groups for specific requests. Try to keep the #announcements channel open for high priority, special announcements to everyone. Feel free to create new channels for your team.

Watch for updates on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!


Please use the official Cleveland GiveCamp hashtag on all social media, so everyone can share in your experience: #CleGC