WEWS News 5 Article and Video about Cleveland GiveCamp Volunteers Helping Ursuline Piazza

On April 12, 2018, WEWS News 5 published an article featuring an interview with Sister Susan Zion and Jim Gorjup about how Cleveland GiveCamp volunteers did charity work to help Ursuline Piazza. Special thanks to Mike Brookbank for the coverage. See the full article and the video here. Cleveland GiveCamp helps non-profits stand out online to connect […]

Great Lakes Geek shares videos and photos from GiveCamp 2015

Dan Hanson, also knows as The Great Lakes Geek, has experienced many sides of GiveCamp. As a champion for many local nonprofits he has participated on the nonprofit side, but he also volunteers his time helping out, and documenting the event. In his post, Cleveland GiveCamp, Dan shares photos and an overview of this years […]

Cleveland GiveCamp 2014 Closing Ceremonies

When Great Lakes Geek, Dan Hanson, isn’t shooting still photographs, he’s shooting video. Dan hadn’t planned to shoot the closing ceremonies. He writes, “I did not plan on filming the closing ceremony synopses so did not set up a tripod or even get a close enough seat. So the videos are shaky and blocked by […]

Reaching Heights: the hottest dance team at GiveCamp

As I sauntered over to the airport for the Sunday afternoon presentations, I noticed one group walking, or perhaps strutting, with particular vigor. Their leader seemed to be coaching them on various movements, as thought they were a cheer-leading team prepping for the big game. I briefly wondered what all the fuss was about, then […]

Take a walk through Cleveland GiveCamp 2014

If you weren’t able to participate in this year’s GiveCamp, or if you are already feeling nostalgic about the weekend, here is a video that takes you on a quick tour of our activities. The video was produced by social media team members, Kevin Dutkiewicz, Photo Al Bell and Kevin Frederick Smith. .

People assisting Computers Assisting People

Great Lakes Geek, Dan Hanson, has long been an advocate of Cleveland GiveCamp. This year he participated as a representative for Computers Assisting People (CAP), an organization that takes in donated computers and peripherals then refurbishes them before loading legal software and donating them to non-profits in the Cleveland area. Dan blogged about the site […]

Video Tour of GiveCamp 2012

Cleveland Give Camp’s video for 2012. Thanks again to all of our sponsors and volunteers! Music Opener, Fort Minor – Remember the Name Walkthrough, Skillet – One Day too Late Video assembled by Kevin Dutkiewicz, photos by Kevin Dutkiewicz and Al Bell.

Experience GiveCamp 2011 via Video

A video short of walking through Cleveland GiveCamp 2011. Shot with Kevin Dutkiewicz’s Nikon D5000 in one take and processed with Microsoft Live Movie Maker. Music is Yakkity Sax.